Which Is Better Xenadrine or Hydroxycut?

Xenadrine and Hydroxycut, two fat-burning and weight loss supplements, are virtually identical in their composition and fat-loss benefits, according to Ephredine Web. These thermogenic supplements are the most effective for significant weight loss in the first five or six weeks of use, states BodyBuildingforYou.com.

The FDA banned the usage of ephedrine in Xenadrine and Hydroxycut in 2004, according to Ephedrine Web. While the ingredient did increase the amount of weight users can lose in a short amount of time, it also increased the potential for unwanted side effects. Since then, both supplements have been reformulated to meet the FDA requirements and do not use ephedrine.

The new formulations of Hydroxycut feature such benefits as a reduced appetite, a faster metabolism, and increased fat-burning capabilities, Ephedrine Web states. Xenadrine, on the other hand, acts primarily as an appetite suppressant. Therefore, Xenadrine is mainly designed to control the hunger signals that are transmitted to the brain. Like Hydroxycut, Xenadrine also encourages thermogenesis, or the release of energy through the fat-burning process.

BodyBuildingforYou.com advises that both stimulants should be used on a short-term basis only for the best results. That's because long-term use can cause a dependency on the drug. What's more, prolonged usage causes either drug to lose its efficacy.