How Do You Get Better at Running?

How Do You Get Better at Running?

To get better at running, warm up, use a run/walk combination, run outdoors with others when it's possible, stop to stretch, frequently change running routes, and set small goals. Add strength training to your regular workout routine to help get better at running.

  1. Warm up before running

    Warm up before running to prevent muscle tightness and side stitches that can hinder your ability to run at your full potential.

  2. Run outdoors

    When possible, run outdoors with others as opposed to running on a treadmill and use a run/walk combination. When running on a treadmill, take steps to prevent boredom.

  3. Stop to stretch when necessary

    Stop and do stretches for 30 seconds at the onset of muscle tightness.

  4. Alternate running routes

    Alternate running routes to prevent boredom and help increase the distance you run.

  5. Set achievable goals

    Set achievable goals to help get better at running. Reaching small goals helps relieve some of the mental challenges that stand in the way of becoming a better runner.

  6. Add strength training

    Perform a 15 to 20 minute strength training work out twice a week to help your body cope better with the common stresses of running and improve your overall running performance.

  7. Cool down

    Cool down for at least 5 minutes at the end of every run to prevent injury.