How Do You Get Better Posture?


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Stretching the arms out often and pulling the shoulders and elbows back to open the chest area are proven ways to improve posture. People should also situate their computers at eye level and use chair equipment such as lumbar pillows and footrests to support proper desk posture.

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It is detrimental to several shoulder and neck muscles to sit at a desk with one's arms stretched toward a keyboard or mouse. Instead, the wrists should rest gently on the desk and the elbows should relax at a 90-degree angle. Breathing should be deep and steady and air pulled into the nose by expanding the diaphragm, rather than taking short breaths into the lungs. It is beneficial for people to avoid sitting for long periods of time and invest in a standing desk so that they are able to engage in more movement during the day. This cuts back on slouching and improves blood circulation to more muscles throughout the body. Wearing clothing designed to encourage proper posture, such as supportive shirts and bras, also helps. People should avoid wearing high heels, especially if the heels are thin, as they do not provide enough support to the body's center of gravity. Proper posture should be practiced at all times, whether sitting at an office desk, driving a car or riding a bus.

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