Which Is Better for Gaining Strength: N.O.-XPLODE or NOS Blast?


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N.O.-XPLODE and NOS Blast are preworkout supplements with similar ingredients. The major difference is N.O.-XPLODE has beta alanine and NOS Blast does not. Dr. Jeff Voleck, writing for Nutrition Express, says that beta alanine allows for more work to be done per workout and may lead to developing more strength.

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According to its manufacturer, N.O.-XPLODE contains caffeine, creatine, taurine, beta alanine and B vitamins. NOS Blast contains caffeine, creatine, L-arginine, various amino acids and willow bark, a natural source of aspirin that serves as a pain killer. Dr. Voleck notes that caffeine increases energy and focus, creatine improves muscle power and L-arginine boosts blood flow to the muscles.

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