What Do Betahistine Tablets Treat?


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Betahistine treats dizziness, tinnitus and hearing loss as symptoms of a variety of ear problems, explains WebMD. Betahistine is similar to natural histamines and helps increase blood flow in the inner ear.

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Betahistine relieves the symptoms of the inner ear disorder Menieres disease, such as ringing in the ears and hearing loss. It also relieves vertigo and dizziness, reports WebMD. By improving the inner ear's blood supply, betahistine relieves ear pressure that may cause a variety of symptoms. The drug comes in tablet form, and patients take it with water up to three times a day, preferably at the same time each day.

Possible side effects of betahistine are stomach problems, headache, an itchy rash and swelling, notes WebMD. Most patients do not experience side effects or experience only mild discomfort. Serious allergic reactions, such as swelling in the face or throat region or breathing difficulty, require immediate medical attention. Because of betahistine's similarity to natural histamines, it is important for a doctor to know if a patient regularly takes antihistamine medication. Patients should also report previous allergic reactions to other histamine analogues to their physicians. Hypertension due to an adrenal gland tumor sometimes prohibits a patient from safely taking betahistine.

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