What Are the Benefits of WalkFit Orthotics?


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WalkFit Orthotics evenly redistribute a person's weight so that no part of the foot is under excessive pressure. This causes a positive chain reaction in the feet, ankles, knees, spine and neck, all of which benefit from pain relief as a result. WalkFit Orthotics can create positive health results for children and adults alike.

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WalkFit Orthotics correct the alignment of the ankles in addition to the 28 bones found in the foot. Consequently, the foot moves correctly, which in turn relieves heel, hip, and lower back pain. WalkFit Orthotics also protect the wearer from overpronation, which occurs when the foot rolls inward and can create serious health problems.

By redistributing the body's weight along the sole, WalkFit Orthotics can also help get rid of blisters and other ailments caused by excessive pressure in one area. These medically-measured shoe inserts are also of great help to athletes, providing a shock-absorption cushion to soften impact while maintaining structure in the arch.

Adults aren't the only ones who WalkFit Orthotics can help; children can also wear them. The orthotics help to guide proper bone and ligament development for children, and can safeguard the child's body from bone breaks, ligament strains and other injuries.

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