What Are Some Benefits of Vitamin D3 for Men?


Vitamin D3, or the sunshine vitamin, offers a multitude of benefits for men, including improvements in mental health, heart health and the condition of hair. While vitamin D3 can help to improve a number of aspects regarding physical health, most Americans suffer from a D3 deficiency, according to Men's Fitness.

After conducting an experiment on roughly 3,000 European men, researchers found that those with higher levels of vitamin D could process information faster and exhibited a superior memory. Other studies have found that men with lower levels of vitamin D have a greater potential for heart disease and early death, Men's Fitness explains. Also, vitamin D can revive dead receptors in hair follicles, which reverses the process of male pattern baldness. Research has shown that a vitamin D deficiency can put someone at greater risk for other afflictions such as colds, fevers or even cancer.