What Are the Benefits of Vitamin D2?


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Benefits of vitamin D-2 include helping the bones absorb calcium, treating kidney disease associated with low calcium, and preventing bone disorders, explains WebMD. Vitamin D-2 helps treat bone disorders such as rickets and osteomalacia.

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Having the right amount of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D in the body is important for strong bones, states WebMD. Though vitamin D-2 is made by the body when skin is exposed to the sun, some people do not get enough of it due to wearing sunscreen, covering their skin or avoiding sunlight. In this case, supplements are advised.

When used with calcium, vitamin D-2 has even more benefits, including the prevention of osteoporosis, according to WebMD. Vitamin D-2 may be used to combat the side effects of some conditions such as hypoparathyroidism. This vitamin is often given to newborns who breast-feed, as there is not a lot of vitamin D-2 in breast milk.

When taking vitamin D as a supplement, it is best to take it by mouth, asserts WebMD. It should also be taken following a meal if possible, as it is easier to absorb. Certain medications such as Orlistat, mineral oil and cholestyramine may decrease the absorption of vitamin D-2, so patients are advised to wait a minimum of two hours between taking these medications and taking vitamin D-2.

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