What Are Some Benefits of Varilux Comfort Lenses?

Varilux Comfort lenses utilize Varilux's Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement technology, which provides clearer and more focused vision for the wearer. The lenses lack the off-balance feeling of many other lenses. They provide edge-to-edge clarity and allow the wearer to see faster moving from one point to another, states Varilux.

All Varilux lenses are progressive lenses, which offer more advantages than the older lined bifocal lenses that used to be the standard. Progressive lenses eliminate the visible lines of older bifocals and trifocals. Older bifocals and trifocals used only two or three lens powers, while progressive lenses use a seamless progression of many lens powers, providing a more natural correction for presbyopia and also hiding the fact the wearer is using reading glasses, according to All About Vision.

Older bifocals and trifocals also have problem with image jumping, during which an image appears to jump as the eyes move past the boundary between the distance and near parts of the lens. Progressive lenses provide a smoother transition due to their design that features a vertical corridor of optimum lens power in each lens. An eye care professional takes measurements specific to the individual to create these corridors, states All About Vision.