What Are Some Benefits of Using a VAC Machine for Wound Therapy?


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Some benefits of using a vacuum-assisted closure machine for wound therapy include removing the pus and other fluids from the wound, reducing the swelling and edema and cleaning the wound to reduce bacteria, notes Machine Design. The machine pulls the edges of the wound together, so it takes less time to heal stimulates tissue growth in the wound.

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Vacuum-assisted closure machines use negative pressure to heal wounds. It works by applying a vacuum to a wound and sealing the wound to retain the vacuum. However, proper care is essential when using a VAC machine because there is some risk of severe injuries and death, notes the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

A doctor should evaluate a patient for any bleeding risks and should take ample time to determine the patient's wound type. The location of the wound is also important. For example, groin wounds tend to have a delayed closure because of hip joint movement. Patients with high risk of infections and bleeding should be in a suitable health care facility.

Caregiver training is crucial when using vacuum-assisted machines. They need to know how to respond to alarms, perform dressing changes, operate the VAC machines and recognize any complications, as stated by the U.S Food and Drug Administration.

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