What Are the Benefits of Using Resveratrol Supplements?


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Some research indicates that resveratrol supplements may protect against numerous diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and cancer, but the results are not conclusive, reports WebMD. Additionally, preliminary research demonstrates that resveratrol possibly protects against heart disease, high cholesterol and inflammation. Some alternative medicine practitioners believe resveratrol supplements offer antiaging benefits and help to promote weight loss, explains About.com.

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Studies on resveratrol suggest that supplemental resveratrol protects against heart disease and heart attack by decreasing the ability of blood platelets to form dangerous clots, states WebMD. However, most of this research was done in the laboratory and on animals. Further study is required to determine the specific benefits of resveratrol supplements for humans.

Additionally, research indicates that resveratrol promotes healthy arteries and helps to regulates blood pressure, according to About.com. Further, some investigators believe that resveratrol initiates the destruction of cancerous cells and controls the spread of the disease. In one study, resveratrol supplements reduced the spread of cancerous breast tissue cells early in the development of the illness.

Resveratrol possibly has an effect on age-associated problems such as neurodegenerative disease and increased levels of oxidative stress possibly, reports About.com. A small study involving 20 participants demonstrated a reduction in levels of oxidative stress in participants who took 40 milligrams of resveratrol daily for six weeks. Additionally, animal studies using mice suggest that resveratrol supplements may increase life expectancy and help protect against the effects of a harmful diet. One research study found that resveratrol-supplemented mice consuming a high calorie diet outlived mice that were not administered the supplemental resveratrol while on the same diet.

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