What Are the Benefits of Using a Pessary to Treat Bladder Prolapse?

As of 2015, benefits of using a pessary to treat bladder prolapse include the ability to manage the condition without surgery and to plan for future pregnancies, according to PubMed Central. Support pessaries such as the ring are easy to insert and remove, and can remain in place during intercourse.

Lever pessaries include the Smith, Hodge and Risser, which are typically used when a patient has a retroverted uterus, particularly while pregnant; and the Gehrung, which can conform to a custom shape, but is not easy to insert, notes PubMed Central. More advanced prolapse cases may need space-occupying pessaries, such as the Gellhorn and donut, which are difficult to insert and remove. An option of last resort is the cube, which is made of silicone and is more flexible, but tends to retain odors. Patients with active pelvic infections or significant ulceration should not use pessaries.