What Are the Benefits of Using Laser Treatment for Foot Fungus?


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One primary benefit of using laser treatment for foot fungus is the lack of unwanted side effects that are commonly associated with taking oral medications. Patients also benefit from the pain-free procedure, according to Family Foot Care NYC.

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A fungal infection of the foot that particularly targets the toenails is medically referred to as "onychomycosis," which is caused by the microorganism dermatophyte, states MedicineNet. Although the majority of the people with toenail fungus do not manifest symptoms, prompt and effective treatment of this condition can help relieve the embarrassment of discolored, deformed and unsightly toenails.

In the United States, the PinPointe FootLaser is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of onychomycosis. This device is used in a non-invasive procedure that effectively promotes the growth of clear, healthy nails after destroying the disease-causing fungus. The treatment offered at Family Foot Care NYC is reasonably priced, has clinically proven results, has no adverse side effects and is fast and convenient for the patients. Each session usually lasts for only 30 minutes.

Compared to topical remedies that provide less efficacy, the PinPointe laser showed an 81 percent success rate in one clinical study. The condition of patients who underwent only a single treatment showed a marked improvement within a year.

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