What Are the Benefits of Using Laser Surgery for Fat Removal?


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The benefits of laser surgery for fat removal, or laser lipolysis, include the fact that it is an outpatient procedure with a quick recovery and that it tightens sagging skin as it removes fat, according to Healthline. Studies show that it is effective in targeting small areas of body fat.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Laser Surgery for Fat Removal?
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Laser lipolysis uses the heat from fiber optic lasers to melt away fat in the targeted areas, explains Healthline. It also causes the body to produce collagen, which makes the skin taut. Traditional liposuction involves the use of a vacuum suction to remove fat, and it frequently leaves pockets of sagging skin, causing some people to avoid it. Researchers have found the best results in fat removal surgery occur using a combination of liposuction and laser lipolysis. This combination allows patients to lose a significant amount of fat while tightening the skin as well.

Experts consider liposuction and laser lipolysis to be very safe procedures, reports Healthline. Nonetheless, all surgical procedures carry some risks, including infection, scarring, blood clots, nerve damage and a negative reaction to anesthesia. Liposuction has additional risks, including skin discoloration, burns, asymmetry and irregular contouring of the flesh. Lastly, doctors warn that overweight patients should not use surgery as a substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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