What Are Some Benefits of Using the Herbalife Diet Program?

Herbalife's Weight Management program provides supplements that provide essential proteins and vitamins to help customers lose weight and feel full and energized. Benefits include weight loss, increased energy and a healthier lifestyle. Herbalife also distributes various supplements that can enhance cell nutrition by helping to reduce fluid retention and increasing intake of essential nutrients. Dieters may benefit by having a reduced appetite, higher metabolism and a better overall outlook on fitness.

Herbalife offers three weight management programs. As described on Herbalife.com, the Quickstart program offers the basic formulas for weight management including the Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix and the Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex, which promotes healthy bones, skin and hair. The Advanced and Ultimate programs include all the Quickstart program products with new formulas that offer some added benefits such as fluid balance and increased metabolism. Herbalife's Snack Defense helps dieters maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

As with many diet programs, Herbalife's benefits are not guaranteed and the diet program may actually be harmful. Reviewers have argued that many Herbalife supplements, including the Formula 1 shake, do not contain healthy ingredients and while consuming them may result in weight loss, it is not a healthy diet program as a whole. Regardless, many users have experienced a body transformation and feel healthier overall than they felt before participating in the Herbalife diet program.