What Are the Benefits of Using Health Supplements?


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Health supplements are a way to fill in nutrient gaps by adding missing vitamins and minerals to a diet, according to WebMD. If an individual chooses a diet that lacks in essential food such as dairy, taking vitamin D and calcium supplements can make up for the missing nutrients.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Health Supplements?
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If key nutrients such as vitamin D,vitamin B-12, potassium and calcium are not part of a person's daily diet, it can result in deficiencies that contribute to chronic conditions, according to WebMD. Taking health supplements to plug the nutrition gap can help prevent this. A study by the National Institutes of Health discovered that postmenopausal women who regularly took vitamin D and calcium have better bone density and are less likely to get fractures.

Some health supplements are beneficial for managing certain health conditions and for maintaining overall health, reports the National Institutes of Health. Pregnant women who take folic acid supplements reduce the risk of developing certain birth defects. Fish oils containing omega-3 fatty acids can help people suffering from heart disease. Popular supplements include enzymes, herbals and amino acids aside from common vitamins and minerals. These supplements come in the form of capsules, tablets, drinks, powders and energy bars.

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