What Are the Benefits of Using a Guest Pass at LA Fitness?

Individuals interested in a membership at LA Fitness can benefit from using a guest pass by sampling the facilities, equipment and exercise classes for free. A guest pass allows non-members to complete a workout for free without the risk of committing to a membership fee or contract in order to determine if the gym is suitable for fitness needs, goals and convenience.

Individuals who use a guest pass at LA Fitness have full access to the weight lifting equipment, access to staff and personal trainers to evaluate fitness needs and goals and the ability to participate in aerobic classes and use cardio equipment such as rowers, treadmills and elliptical trainers.

Those who choose to use a guest pass may also have access to discounted membership offers if they decide to join LA Fitness. The gym franchise features a variety of locations throughout the United States and offers in-person and online support so members can meet their fitness goals that may include toning and shaping the body or losing weight. The online portal supported by LA Fitness allows members to track their progress, log workout hours and obtain exercise, diet and nutrition tips from certified trainers and fitness experts affiliated with LA Fitness.