What Are Some Benefits of Using Delta Dental for Veterans?

What Are Some Benefits of Using Delta Dental for Veterans?

One of the main benefits of using Delta Dental for Veterans is access to more than 200,000 in-plan dentists and 47,000 specialists that are part of the program as of 2015, notes DeltaDentalIns.com. The insurance is available as part of a joint program, Veterans Affairs Dental Insurance Program with the VA.

Delta Dental is one of two insurance providers, the other being MetLife, that is working with the VA to offer insurance under the program as of 2015. VADIP is a voluntary program for veterans with no dental insurance or those who have coverage but would like to get more coverage. It does not affect the free dental care provided by the VA to veterans for service-related injuries.

The program is also available for spouses and dependent children of veterans who are permanently and totally disabled due to a service-related condition. Coverage for the plan has been in place since January 2014.

There are three levels, standard, enhanced and comprehensive, to choose from for this plan as of 2015. Monthly rates are affordable, ranging from about $8 up to $50, depending on the person and the desired program level, notes DeltaDentalVADIP.org.

Under the Delta Dental plan for veterans, all diagnostic and preventative care is covered 100 percent when using in-network providers. About 80 percent of the cost is covered when using an out-of-network provider. Other treatments, such as basic restoration, get between 50 to 60 percent of the cost covered when using in-network providers and 30 to 40 percent of the cost covered with out-of-network providers, states VeteransAdvantage.com.