What Are the Benefits of Using the Bayer Contour Clinilog Book?


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The benefits of using the Bayer Clinilog book include the establishment of a diabetic regimen and increased understanding about diabetes, the American Diabetes Association explains. The Clinilog book provides these benefits as it helps a person track blood glucose levels and notice day-to-day trends, according to the manufacturer.

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The Bayer Clinilog book allows a person with diabetes to keep a record of his medications, meal times and record notes or comments, Medical Supply Corner states. The book is pocket-size, making it easy to always have on hand, and has sections for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and premeal and postmeal target ranges.

Self-monitoring of blood glucose is recommended for people with diabetes to control and prevent hypoglycemia, the American Diabetes Association notes. People who track their blood glucose levels are able to control their levels better as well as adjust the foods they eat, establish an exercise regimen and minimize insulin doses. Tracking blood glucose levels also improves a person's recognition of warning signs of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, reducing the complications from these conditions.

People who benefit from tracking blood glucose levels include those who are taking insulin and those who are pregnant, the American Diabetes Association explains. Those with have problems controlling their blood glucose levels or who have ketones from high blood glucose levels also benefit from regular tracking.

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