What Are Some Benefits of Urea?


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The benefits of using urea include softening the skin and preventing thick, dry skin. Urea can be used to treat chronic dry skin conditions, such as eczema; conditions that cause thickened, scaly and cracked skin, such as ichthyosis and xeroderma; and to treat hyperkeratosis, a condition that causes the outermost layer of the skin to thicken, according to WebMD.

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Urea cream can be used to soften and moisturize calloused, cracked and hardened skin on the elbows, hands or feet. It can also used to soften and remove damaged or diseased nails without surgery. It is a debriding agent, and works by helping the dead skin and pus to break down. This helps to loosen and shed dead, scaly skin, notes Drugs.com.

Patients should use this medication regularly to get the most benefit from it, and use it at the same time every day, unless instructed otherwise by their doctor. Urea should not be used on broken or moist skin, or when there is an allergy to urea, states WebMD.

Common side effects of urea cream that do not usually require medical attention include a skin rash, stinging and irritation. Patients should seek medical advice, however, if there is redness or irritation that does not go away, explains Healthline.

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