What Are the Benefits of Tulsi Leaf?


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DNA India reports the top 10 uses of tulsi as the ability to cure a fever, beat diabetes, protect the heart, beat stress, dissolve kidney stones, stop the progression of cancer, aid in smoking cessation, benefit the skin and hair, heal respiratory conditions and cure headaches. Other uses include treatment for the common cold, itching or insect bites and common eye conditions and as a remedy for halitosis.

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Tulsi can also be employed to treat influenza, H1N1, earache, stomach upset, viral hepatitis, malaria, stress, anxiety and tuberculosis, according to WebMD. Tulsi can be used as an antidote for mercury poisoning as well as snake bites and scorpion stings. Used topically, tulsi treats ringworm, and it repels mosquitoes and promotes longevity.

Chemical compounds in tulsi are thought to decrease pain and inflammation. WebMD explains that recent research suggests tulsi oil may be used to slow the progression of certain cancers due to its antioxidant properties, but more evidence is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of tulsi for this use.

WebMD reports Hindus consider tulsi sacred. "Tulsi" means "the incomparable one" and is often placed around Hindu shrines. Also known as holy basil, it has a peppery flavor and is used as an ingredient in stir fries.

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