What Are Some Benefits of the Td Vaccine?


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The Td vaccine prevents tetanus, or lockjaw, notes Vaccines.gov. The vaccine provides a booster to the tetanus and diphtheria vaccines received earlier in life and is useful as a preventative measure following exposure to tetanus. Experts recommend that adults receive the Td booster every 10 years.

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Tetanus is a serious disease that results in painful muscle tightening that affects the entire body, reports Vaccines.gov. As it progresses, tetanus leads to locking of the jaw, making it impossible for the person to open the mouth or swallow. One in 10 people who contract tetanus succumb to the illness.

Doctors usually recommend the Td booster for adults who have sustained injuries that break the skin, notes The New York Times. This is especially so when the wounded person received the last Td booster more than five years prior and the wound is dirty.

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