What Are the Benefits of Taking Zeolite Enhanced With DHQ?


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Although some companies market Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ as an effective treatment for cancer and other diseases, no clinical data exists that ingested zeolite has any medical benefits, reports the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Zeolite has a number of potentially harmful side effects, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued warnings to distributors for misleading consumers about zeolite products.

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Zeolite is a mineral used in animal feed, detergents, gravel, personal care products and other industrial applications, explains the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Potential side effects include fibrosis and respiratory disease. Additionally, inhaling zeolite dust can cause mesothelioma, a deadly form of cancer. Patients should especially avoid taking products with zeolite if they are undergoing chemotherapy, using antibiotics or iron-containing drugs, or taking any other medication.

Zeolite has limited use for medical purposes as an external dressing and to aid drug delivery and other procedures, according to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. A company has applied for a patent for a cancer drug containing synthesized zeolite, but physicians must inject the drug straight into the tumor, and the drug has no effectiveness if patients take it orally. The company submitting the patent application bases its claim on animal, plant and in vitro research and has done no human clinical studies as of 2015.

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