What Are Some Benefits of Taking Vitamin D3?


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The most-familiar benefit of vitamin D3 is helping the body to absorb calcium for strong bones, according to WebMD. Vitamin D3 is the natural form of the vitamin the human body forms and is available in supplements made from lambs wool. However, studies show vitamin D2 provides similar benefits.

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What Are Some Benefits of Taking Vitamin D3?
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Increasing vitamin D in the body may help to lower the blood pressure, according to a study by Boston University, reports WebMD. However, in the study, the participants increased their vitamin D levels by exposure to ultraviolet light. The study did not look at increasing the vitamin levels using vitamin D3 supplements.

A study of veterans who used vitamin-D supplements along with cereal fiber daily showed a 40 percent reduction in the formation of colon polyps, according to WebMD. In a separate study of elderly women, the addition of vitamin-D supplements to calcium supplements reduced the risk of falls by 49 percent.

As of 2015, the U.S. government recommends 200 international units for people under age 50, then 400 international units until age 70 and then 600 international units daily for the rest of a person’s life. However, some of the research suggests increasing the recommendation to 1,000 units daily. Options for increasing the vitamin-D levels include eating more fortified foods, using supplements, and getting more sun. Increasing sun exposure increases the vitamin production without the risk of overdosing on it, reports WebMD.

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