What Are Some Benefits of Taking the Probiotic Acidophilus?


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There is good scientific evidence that the probiotic acidophilus is useful for treating vaginal infections, according to Mayo Clinic. Many people take acidophilus to support their digestive health, but the evidence for this benefit is unclear.

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Studies have shown that acidophilus probiotics are useful for treating vaginal infections, as reported by Mayo Clinic. These studies use acidophilus supplements in combination with other probiotics or vitamin B. Some of the studies used yogurt enriched with acidophilus bacteria.

Many people take acidophilus probiotics to protect them against traveler's diarrhea. One study showed that acidophilus is not useful for this purpose, while other studies have shown mixed results for various combinations of probiotics, notes Mayo Clinic. The evidence of acidophilus probiotics helping to prevent diarrhea associated with antibiotic use is also unclear. Some studies have shown that acidophilus probiotic blends help to reduce the duration of diarrhea in children, but other have shown that acidophilus has no effect.

Researchers have also investigated the effects of acidophilus probiotics on intestinal disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome and lactose intolerance, as well as other common health problems such as dental cavities, diabetes and asthma. The evidence for the benefits of acidophilus in these conditions is unclear, states Mayo Clinic.

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