What Are the Benefits of Taking Pictures of Facial Skin Cancer?


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Taking pictures of facial skin cancer is important because it helps the attending physician determine the severity and prescribe treatment options, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. When a cancer patient documents the progression of his melanoma, it is easier for a physician to diagnose and treat the disease.

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To recognize melanomas or nonmelanoma skin cancers, such as basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, it is important for patients to have a solid handle on their skin overall, explains the Skin Cancer Foundation. This includes pre-cancer and post-cancer. When patients photograph their skin, it becomes easier to spot problem areas and determine the best course of action. When photographing your skin, remember that benign moles look the same over time.

When a mole starts to change in any way over time, it could be an indication of something serious, states the Skin Cancer Foundation. When a mole changes over time, it is referred to as "evolving." When a mole evolves in size, color, density or any another trait, or if a patient develops a new symptom such as bleeding or itching, it is time to see a physician. A photo journal can be very helpful to bring to the appointment so the physician can see exactly how the problem area has evolved.

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