What Are Some Benefits of Taking Methyl 1-D XL?


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Possible benefits of Methyl 1-D XL include increased strength and stamina, enhanced fat loss, and increased focus. Methyl 1-D XL, also known as methyl masterdrol, gives you an intense experience in the gym without causing bloat or water retention, claims Ronnie Coleman Nutrition.

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Methyl 1-D XL is a hormonal dietary supplement containing ingredients that can increase the intensity of workouts by recruiting more strength to help users get past plateaus. Besides the hormonal components, other active ingredients in Methyl 1-D XL work to carry nutrients through the mucosa, increase muscle weight, increase protein synthesis, and increase androgen receptor sensitivity. Methyl 1-D XL is a rapidly dissolving oral tablet which instantly releases active ingredients into the body while bypassing the liver and stomach. The tablets are designed to increase bioavailability of the ingredients, according to Ronnie Coleman Nutrition.

In addition, Sbmuscle.com claims that Methyl 1-D XL contains an estrogen blocker to reduce estrogen effects and a DHT blocker to combat hair loss. It may cause testosterone levels to skyrocket which can lead to a greatly increased sex drive. It also has the potential to boost metabolism and thermogenesis. Improvements of strength, mass, and body fat ratio can be seen within two weeks of use.

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