What Are the Benefits of Taking Choline?


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Health benefits from taking choline include treatment for liver disease and symptomatic relief from asthma, states WebMD. Evidence also suggests that increased nutritional intake of choline by women during conception reduces the risk of giving birth to babies with congenital defects.

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Liver disease in choline-deficient patients who receive sustenance through an intravenous (IV) drip may be treated by intravenous administration of choline, notes WebMD. Oral intake of choline is also possibly effective in alleviating asthma symptoms and shortening the course of an asthma episode.

Although some studies indicate that taking choline can boost mental performance and improve symptoms in people with bipolar disorder and bronchitis, these health claims remain unsubstantiated as of 2015. There are also documented cases suggesting that elevated doses of choline can help treat patients diagnosed with complex partial seizures. This claim also lacks corroborative clinical proof.

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