What Are the Benefits of Taking Aloe Vera Juice?


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Aloe vera juice lowers blood sugar levels and acts as a strong laxative. Aloe vera juice may help lower cholesterol levels, WebMD states. People must use caution when taking aloe vera juice for constipation as it may cause diarrhea.

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Aloe vera juice has been proven to be effective as a laxative, but as of February 2015 its safety has not been completely established. Aloe vera juice is available for purchase, but laxatives containing it were removed from store shelves by the FDA in 2002, WebMD advises. Some studies have shown that taking the juice for constipation can cause diarrhea and electrolyte imbalances if taken for more than a few days.

Aloe vera in gel form may help reduce the risk of lung cancer and tumor growth, although further research is needed to fully validate the claims, Mayo Clinic states. Aloe vera gel has also been used to reduce canker sore pain, but evidence on its efficiency is unclear at this point.

Another well-known benefit of aloe vera is its ability to soothe minor burns and scrapes on the skin. Creams and gels containing aloe vera, or pure aloe vera itself, have been used for thousands of years to heal wounds and aid in all kinds of skin conditions, About.com notes.

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