What Are the Benefits of Surya Namaskar?


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According to The Health Site, Surya Namaskar has the usual benefits of regular exercise and can help with digestion, anxiety relief and detoxing. Constipation, dyspepsia and indigestion can all be alleviated as well. Regular breathing helps to rid the body of carbon dioxide and other toxic gases.

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The Health Site states that when Surya Namaskar is practiced regularly, it can result in a body that is healthy inside and out. The abs become flattened and the chest is widened. Flexibility and agility can be improved with certain positions. It can normalize the activity of many endocrine glands, particularly the thyroid. Many report feeling calmer and more positive after starting the day with Surya Namaskar. Due to the diverse positions, weight loss is possible throughout the body. Many areas become slimmer, especially the arms, legs and core regions. By contracting the abdominal muscles, the exercises help to force food through the digestive tract. Digestion and bowel movements become more regular. Due to the periodic inhalation and exhalation between positions, breathing can also become more regular and complete.

If a person suffers from back pain, The Health Site recommends consulting a doctor before attempting Surya Namaskar. Pregnant women should not practice Surya Namaskar after the third month of pregnancy. Also, those with hernia and high blood pressure are advised against the practice.

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