What Are the Benefits of Squats and Clean and Jerks?

The benefits of squats and clean and jerk exercises are that they strengthen the legs, thighs, shoulders and arms, resulting in a toned and strong body, notes Dr. Joseph Mercola. Squats also strengthen the knee's connective tissue, core muscles, the gluteus maximus and back muscles. Toned and strong back and core muscles reduce back problems and are essential for good posture.

Clean and jerk exercises are a step better than squats because they not only tone the legs but also the upper body. Besides the legs, the muscles used in the clean and jerk are the shoulders and triceps. To perform this movement correctly, the lower back and core muscles are used to stabilize motion. Personal trainer Mike Samuels for AZCentral claims that other benefits include a strong central nervous system and a great overall body workout. Exercise stimulates the central nervous system by engaging more muscle tissue to do more work, thereby allowing people to lose weight.

Both squats and clean and jerk exercises are aerobic because they increase the heart rate, resulting in all-over calorie burning. A combination of aerobic calorie burning and toning exercises results in muscle gain and more calories burned during rest. Dr. Joseph Mercola states that the body burns 50 to 70 extra calories per day for each pound of muscle gained. If a person gains 5 pounds of muscle, his body burns between 250 to 350 additional calories a day while he rests.