What Are Some Benefits of Sovereign Silver?


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Silver supplements are not safe or effective for treating any health condition, according to Mayo Clinic, and no sound scientific studies are available to prove silver has any health benefits. The maker of Sovereign Silver, Natural Immunogenics Corporation, does not claim the supplement has any health benefits on its website.

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Natural Immunogenics Corporation specifically avoids making any health claims regarding its products in order to comply with FDA regulations, according to the Natural Immunogenics Corporation FAQ page. User testimonials on its website offer mostly nondescript praise of the product; the only specific benefit mentioned is its usefulness for topical first aid treatment. Typical claims for the health benefits of silver include the treatment and prevention of infections, skin conditions and inflammation, notes WebMD.

Mayo Clinic warns that silver can build up in the body's tissues over a long period of time, and it is unclear whether this is harmful. One known side effect of long-term silver ingestion is argyria, a condition in which a person's skin, eyes, nails and internal organs turn blue. While argyria does not pose any significant health problem, it also never goes away, even if the person stops taking silver products. It may also interact with certain medications. WebMD explains that silver has no known function in the body and is not an essential mineral.

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