What Are the Benefits of Shoulder Tear Surgery?


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Shoulder tear surgery is effective at repairing tears when they are large or complete, when they are recent or when they do not arise from chronic rotator cuff problems, according to Medline Plus. The surgical approach the surgeon takes depends on the nature of the tear.

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Rotator cuff surgery presents the greatest benefits in certain cases, Medline Plus states. Some of the biggest benefits come in the form of pain relief and being able to return to normal activities after the recovery period, but this does rely on engaging in postoperative therapies also. Some patients may require open surgery. This involves moving a large muscle out of the way, and it is useful in complex cases. Some patients may benefit from arthroscopy or mini-open repairs, which comes with smaller scars. During these surgeries, the surgeon may use a range of anesthetics. This means there are risks attached. For example, patients are at risk of bleeding, infection and injury to blood vessels because of the surgery itself as well as allergic reactions and breathing problems because of the anesthetic.

In some situations, patients do not need surgery, Medline Plus claims. This is the case when the tear is small, which means patients stand to benefit from exercises instead. Whether patients have surgery or not, they may need to engage in recovery exercises to encourage the tear to heal.

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