What Are Some Benefits of Salt Treatments?

What Are Some Benefits of Salt Treatments?

Salt is used in a number of ways to improve health, including easing cold symptoms, skin problems and easing breathing issues, according to Doctor Oz. Salt is not considered a cure for these conditions, but can help ease symptoms and encourage healing.

Salt has been used for thousands of years in water and air-infused forms to treat common external and lung conditions.

A recent trend in spas and some clinics is halotherapy, which involves sitting in rooms that contain salt-filled air. The room's design is intended to mimic the environment of salt caves where people go to breathe in the air hoping to get some improvement in their breathing. Some research indicates that halotherapy can improve lung function and symptoms in smokers and patients with cystic fibrosis, according to Time Magazine.

A salt inhaler is also used by those with allergies or a cold to help reduce moisture in the nose and improve cilia function, according to Doctor Oz. The salt dries out mucus to make it thinner and easier for cilia to sweep out of clogged sinuses.

The site also suggests taking a salt-infused bath to help treat skin complaints, like psoriasis. The salt in the water helps moisturize the skin and helps to decrease inflammation that causes irritation and further damage to the skin.