What Are the Benefits of Safflower Oil?


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Some of the key benefits of safflower oil include the ability to improve the immune system, manage blood sugar and improve heart, skin and hair health. Safflower oil is extracted from the seeds of safflower plants. There are two major types of safflower oils: polyunsaturated and monounsaturated oil.

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Monounsaturated safflower oil can withstand high temperatures and it is therefore used as cooking oil. Polyunsaturated safflower oil contains high levels of linoleic acid and is not suitable for high temperatures. It is commonly used as cold oil; for example, it can be mixed into salads.

Safflower oils are rich in omega-6 fatty acids, also known as linoleic acid. This acid helps the body to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol, which lowers the chances of developing heart problems, such as heart attacks and atherosclerosis. Linoleic acid combines with sebum to reduce blackheads and unclog pores, thus improving skin quality and appearance. Omega-6 fatty acids also help to manage blood sugar levels, thereby helping individuals with diabetes.

Monounsaturated safflower oil also contains a high content of oleic acid, which is essential for hair and scalp. It increases blood circulation on the scalp, thus enhancing hair growth and strength. It also helps to keep the hair vibrant and shiny.

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