What Are Some Benefits and Risks of a Water Birth in a Hospital?


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Some benefits of water birth include relaxation due to warm water, lowers high blood pressure, lessening of mother's weight and allowing for better movements. Some risks involved in water birth include inhalation of water by the baby and the baby may get an infection. Water birth refers to a process of giving birth in a tub filled with warm water, according to the American Pregnancy Association.

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A water birth can take place in a hospital, at home or in a birthing center, notes WebMD. One of the main benefits of water births is that they help reduce pain. Warm water can have a soothing and relaxing effect on the mother, which is why pain can be reduced.

This process allows women to give birth without having to be given an anesthesia. This technique is equally believed to speed up the process of birth. Water birth increases the sense of privacy, allowing the mother to be free of inhibitions, anxiety and fear.

One of the risks of water births is that the baby and mother may get an infection. The baby may be born with too low or very high body temperature. Other risks associated with this technique are that the baby could have seizures and the umbilical cord could snap before the baby is out of water.

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