What Are the Benefits of Reiki Therapy?


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Reiki therapy reportedly provides benefits such as improved spiritual awareness and relief from feelings of grief, according to About.com. Providing a sense of calm to a person experiencing a high level of stress is another benefit. Reiki therapy is also used to bless food and drinks and to cleanse them.

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Some advocates of Reiki therapy believe that it is beneficial for helping a person to heal on a spiritual, emotional and physical level, reports About.com. Old emotional scars are treated with Reiki. Additionally, emotional pain is released as stress and anxiety are relieved. Physical tension is reduced as energy blocks are removed and muscles are relaxed during Reiki therapy, explains Everyday Health. Reiki therapy may not completely resolve a painful condition, although it helps to relax a person and improves the ability to cope with pain.

Studies demonstrate the Reiki therapy decreases pain and anxiety in patients having colonoscopy and in female patients undergoing a hysterectomy procedure, according to Everyday Health. Additionally, Reiki has helped cancer patients to feel less tired and has contributed to reduced pain and anxiety. The same pain and anxiety relief benefits were noted along with additional anti-depressive effects in older adults treated with Reiki.

Reiki therapy produces almost no side effects and is considered effective, explains Everyday Health. As the therapy involves a very light or no touch, it is also beneficial for patients who are experiencing a high degree of pain or cannot be touched.

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