What Are the Benefits of Raw Manuka Honey?


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Some studies show that raw manuka honey may help fight infection and encourage healing when applied on top of wounds and some ulcers, according to WebMD. Some studies show that manuka honey may also treat the esophagus when inflamed due to chemotherapy, periodontal disease and burns.

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What Are the Benefits of Raw Manuka Honey?
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Medical-grade manuka honey is generally used to treat minor wounds and burns, where it appears to reduce healing times more than traditional dressings, explains WebMD. It may treat and prevent gingivitis and other periodontal disease by decreasing plaque buildup. Manuka honey may also be beneficial because it does not appear to cause the development of resistant bacteria, unlike common antibiotics.

A study has shown manuka honey to be safe for healthy individuals to consume, according to PubMed. However, the study did not show manuka honey to cause any benefits for the digestive system.

There is additional lack of evidence that manuka honey is beneficial for all that it is marketed for, explains WebMD. It has been marketed to be beneficial for treating infections, gastrointestinal conditions, diabetes, systemic inflammation and high cholesterol. It has not been shown to treat high cholesterol or the gastrointestinal tract. There have been no significant studies about manuka honey’s effect on diabetes, fungal infections or cancer. More studies need to be conducted to truly understand manuka honey’s benefits and safety.

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