What Are the Benefits of Raw Honey?


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Studies show raw honey promotes digestive health, fights premature signs of aging, strengthens the immune system and kills bacteria. It also has anti-fungal properties, soothes stomach ulcers, regulates blood pressure and heals superficial wounds.

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What Are the Benefits of Raw Honey?
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Another important benefit of raw honey is its anti-allergenic ability. Honey contains traces of bee-harvested pollen, and individuals who consume the pollen often develop a tolerance for it, reducing seasonal allergies. This allergy treatment works best with local honey, as it contains pollen from plants that the allergic individual is often exposed.

Certain types of raw honey have special health benefits. For example, eucalyptus honey wards off colds, and acacia honey detoxifies the liver. Acacia honey, which comes from Europe and North America, also improves digestion and promotes respiratory health. This honey is also a popular culinary sweetener with a light, floral flavor profile.

Manuka honey, which comes from coastal New Zealand, is a powerful antibacterial agent that improves acne when applied to blemishes. Like eucalyptus honey, manuka honey also fights colds and headaches. Raw neem honey is another source of valuable health benefits. India is a major producer of this bitter honey, which plays an important role in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Neem honey regulates diabetes, stabilizes blood pressure, soothes throat irritation and fights allergies.

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