What Are the Benefits of Probiotic Acidophilus?


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Benefits of probiotic acidophilus include the production of vitamin K and lactase, states the Mayo Clinic. Like other types of probiotics, acidophilus helps the body absorb nutrients and keep a healthy balance of good bacteria. Other benefits include treatment of diarrhea, eczema, lactose intolerance, vaginal infections and irritable bowel syndrome.

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Probiotic acidophilus produces lactase, which is an enzyme that breaks down lactose, states Healthline. This is why experts recommend that lactose-intolerant people consume products containing acidophilus. There is sufficient evidence for the use of probiotic acidophilus to treat vaginal infections, according to the Mayo Clinic. This probiotic is also beneficial in the treatment of sore mouth caused by a candida infection.

Acidophilus is normally present in the human alimentary track, and oral administration of products containing this probiotic is useful in the management of diseases associated with altered gastrointestinal flora. There are laboratory findings that suggest that acidophilus suppresses the growth of H. pylori, which is the bacteria responsible for acid-peptic disease.

Experts recommend the consumption of probiotic acidophilus to alleviate the symptoms of antibiotic-induced diarrhea, reports Drugs.com. There are also reports that indicate that consumption of products that contain acidophilus may reduce levels of serum cholesterol.

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