What Are the Benefits of a Prediabetic Diet?


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The benefits of following a healthy diet for prediabetics include weight loss and management, reduced risk for both Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, improved insulin resistance, and better control of blood sugar, according to Healthline. Risk reduces through managing carbohydrate intake and monitoring the glycemic effect of various foods.

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The glycemic index determines the effect a particular food has on blood sugar, states Healthline. By following a diet emphasizing foods with a low-glycemic index, including whole grains, beans, nonstarch vegetables, corn and whole-wheat products, prediabetics can digest carbohydrates at a slower rate, which prevents spikes in blood sugar. Portion control plays a role in a healthy diet, and overweight or obese individuals should reduce food servings by half of the amount to which they're accustomed.

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