What Are the Benefits of the Peggy Cappy Chair Yoga for Seniors?


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Benefits of the Peggy Cappy chair yoga for seniors include a better sense of balance, stronger legs and increased self-esteem, states the company. Cappy's brand of gentle yoga for seniors is performed in a chair for greater comfort and safety.

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Peggy Cappy is a yoga instructor and founder of Gentle Stretch Yoga, a style she designed for seniors and others who need a modified approach to traditional yoga. Her chair yoga for seniors routine is available on her DVD entitled "Yoga for the Rest of Us," which can be ordered from her website, PeggyCappy.net.

Cappy has extensive experience working with seniors. Her resume includes providing yogic instruction to the same group of elders for decades. At one time, her oldest student was over 100 years old. Cappy's interactions with her aged students inspired her to create the "Yoga for the Rest of Us" series, which was originally shown on the Public Broadcasting Station before being released on DVD. St. Martin's Press also published an instructional book by Cappy entitled "Yoga for All of Us" in 2006.

"Yoga for the Rest of Us" is characterized as an easily adaptable yoga program that is both enjoyable and effective for seniors. The DVD is broken up into three segments that are each less than one-half hour long. These short segments make it easier for seniors to fit yoga sessions into their daily routines. Many poses are done from a seated position, while others incorporate the chair in different ways.

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