What Are Some Benefits of Paying a Family Member to Be a Caregiver?


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The benefit of paying a family member to serve as a caregiver includes having someone the patient knows and trusts as part of his daily care routine and the comfort of family in the life of someone who is suffering physically or mentally. A family caregiver may also provide more nurturing care and be more aware of the patient's emotional state than a hired caregiver who is not related and not close to the patient.

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A family caregiver may provide cost-effective care for the patient. It is likely the cost of the care is much more reasonably priced or discounted when a family member can provide care.

Hiring a caregiver who is a member of the family also promotes a tradition of care within the family. Children see their family members helping out when loved ones are in need and develop a sense of responsibility for the family's well-being. Family members also model behavior that promotes personal growth and purpose when caring for a loved one.

A family member who serves as a caregiver also gain a sense of emotional attachment or reward when caring for the daily and medical needs of an ailing or older relative. Closer bonds can be achieved when family members pitch in and help each other.

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