What Are Some Benefits of Participating in Senior Center Programs?


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Benefits of participating in senior center programs include an improved quality of life through activity that can enhance social connectedness, a sense of accomplishment and physical and mental enrichment. Seniors who participate in health and wellness programs and activities learn strategies to stay active and healthy while aging.

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Aging adults benefit from senior center programs by increasing their mental stamina. Senior programs often focus on learning new skills such as how to use a computer, create financial budgets, acquire part-time employment and care for themselves despite potential disabilities.

Senior center programs also encourage involvement in the community. Intergenerational programs team young adults with senior citizens to volunteer in the community, discuss generational differences and provide mentorship to one another. Senior citizens can benefit from involvement with young people by learning about different perspectives, global initiatives and technology.

Fitness and wellness activities offer senior citizens opportunities to improve range of motion, flexibility and mental stability. Many community centers feature classes that encourage activity such as aerobics, mild weight lifting and strength training that can aid aging adults suffering from weakness and fatigue. Entertainment activities and field trips also offer opportunities to socialize and build bonds with fellow residents when traveling to local concerts, theater performances and movie theaters.

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