What Are the Benefits of Oxygen Therapy for Cancer Patients?


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There is not enough evidence, as of 2015, to prove that hyperbaric oxygen therapy effectively treats cancer, according to Mayo Clinic. However, at home or in the hospital, oxygen therapy is sometimes utilized for patients with lung cancer, notes WebMD.

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. This temporarily restores the body's tissues to normal functioning levels, which promotes healing and helps fight infection, explains Mayo Clinic. This method is used to effectively treat conditions such as sever anemia, decompression sickness, brain abscess and carbon monoxide poisoning. It is also used to treat sudden deafness, non-healing wounds, radiation injuries and infections that cause tissue death.

Oxygen delivery systems include concentrators, cylinders of oxygen and cylinders of liquid oxygen. Concentrators are electrically powered machines that take oxygen from the air. These machines are heavy, but travel-sized options are available, according to WebMD. This delivery method is commonly more cost effective than others.

Cylinders of oxygen come in several sizes, the largest being too heavy to move. Smaller, portable ones provide up to five hours of oxygen, explains WebMD. Liquid oxygen cylinders weigh less, have more oxygen and are the easiest to use. However, they also cost the most.

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