What Are the Benefits of Muscular Endurance?

benefits-muscular-endurance Credit: AMR Image/Vetta/Getty Images

A few benefits of muscle endurance include conducting menial tasks with ease, reducing injury risks and lasting longer during exercise programs, according to Physical Activity Line, a health and fitness society. Muscle endurance also leads to increased strength.

Muscle strength and muscle endurance are the same, according to Renaissance Exercise, and Ace Fitness also believes muscle endurance and strength are intertwined. For instance, Ace Fitness conducts tests for strength and endurance, and a muscle endurance test reads more accurately if a person has the physical stamina to engage basic exercises for longer periods.

Sports Fitness Advisor also notes the different types of muscle endurance, such as power endurance, long-term endurance and short-term endurance. Power endurance requires intense levels of physical activity for a sustained period of time for athletes like swimmers, basketball players and martial arts practitioners. Short-term muscular endurance pertains to athletes who need peak performance within a few minutes. Long-term muscular endurance is for athletes like rowers or marathon runners who need muscle endurance on a continued and consistent basis.

Outside of the sports world, muscular endurance can also improve a person's sex life. According to About.com, enhanced muscle endurance allows a person to be in awkward positions for extended lengths of time, improving sex quality.