What Are Some Benefits Men Receive From Using a Shake Weight?


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Some benefits men receive from using a Shake Weight include improved muscle strength because of muscle contraction in multiple directions during use and improved grip. The Shake Weight provides an engaging workout in a short period of time, according to the American Council on Exercise. In addition, the Shake Weight's portability might also provide for increased fitness because the item travels easily.

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To use a Shake Weight, a man must firmly grip the weight in order to hold it during exercise. For this reason, exercises with the Shake Weight naturally improve grip. The Shake Weight's design engages the forearm in a way that traditional weights can't easily duplicate, resulting in improved muscle tone and contour in the forearms, according to Shake Weight Extreme.

Unlike traditional weightlifting, the Shake Weight keeps the muscles contracting in multiple directions. The Shake Weight tones muscles by keeping them contracted evenly during exercise. Because this exercise is more active than traditional weightlifting, the Shake Weight builds muscle at a faster pace than traditional weightlifting, resulting in increased muscle definition.

The American Council on Exercise reports that individuals using the Shake Weight use more muscle activity performing comparable exercises than they use during traditional weightlifting. For this reason, using the Shake Weight allows men to workout faster or with more intensity. The American Council on Exercise reports that Shake Weight users see increased muscle activity using the product's accompanying DVD workout program. Accordingly, a Shake Weight benefit might be an accessible and effective pre-programmed workout.

The Shake Weight is relatively light, weighing 5 pounds for men. This allows a man to take the item along when traveling. The ability to keep a consistent exercise routine might provide improved overall fitness because it allows the man to maintain his typical exercise routine.

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