What Are the Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet Plan?


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The benefits of the Mediterranean diet plan are that the plan is heart healthy, it lowers the risk for many diseases (heart disease, diabetes, stroke and other cancers), it increases a person's energy levels and often enhances a person's mood, reports WebMD. It is also well known that when a person follows a Mediterranean diet plan, the risk for disease, such as depression, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease, decrease, writes the American Diabetes Association.

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The Mediterranean diet is more than a diet. It is a way of life and a kind of eating behavior that is adopted by its followers at all times. It was developed based on watching what the healthy people living in the Mediterranean were eating on a regular basis, according to the American Diabetes Foundation.

The diet is based around eating vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fish in abundance with smaller amounts of lean meats with a preference on poultry and dairy, states WebMD. Processed and sugary foods are avoided as are unhealthy oils, such as butter. Those who eat on the Mediterranean diet instead use heart healthy olive oil and drink red wine on a regular basis. The most important aspect of the Mediterranean diet, however, is its large amounts of fruits and vegetables. Most people on the diet eat approximately six servings of them each day.

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