What Benefits Does Maca Root Have for Women?

What Benefits Does Maca Root Have for Women?

Maca root relieves symptoms of menopause, improves sexual desire and satisfaction, increases fertility and boosts energy levels in women, claims Global Healing Center. The root also has nutrients that aid in reducing depression and help in proper functioning of the brain.

Maca root is highly nutritious and has phytochemical elements that aid in balancing hormones in women, states Global Healing Center. Balanced hormones aid in lowering and combating menopause symptoms, such as troubled sleep, hot flashes, depression and sweating at night.

Lack of sexual desire is usually triggered by chemicals, states Global Healing Center. A daily dose of 3 grams of maca root can inhibit these chemicals from functioning, thus enhancing sexual desire and eventually resulting in satisfaction. Iodine and zinc minerals from the root can induce sexual arousal and serum luteinizing hormone in the pituitary glands that help in improving fertility.

Maca root works as an antidepressant, claims Global Healing Center. Essential fatty acids in the root protect the brain, thus improving mental health. Optimal brain health improves thinking capabilities and reduces anxiety, depression and stress, thus supporting and improving mood.

Daily use of the root can help in boosting energy levels and recuperation from injury due to its rich content in vitamins, proteins, minerals and fatty acids, suggests Global Healing Center. Aging women suffering from osteoporosis can also benefit from the root as it increases bone density.