What Are Some Benefits of a Low-Fiber Diet for Diverticulitis?


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Benefits of a low-fiber diet for diverticulitis may include a reduction of gas, bloating and diarrhea, according to MedlinePlus. Eating low-fiber foods enables easier digestion, which is beneficial for those with diverticulitis.

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While severe diverticulitis often requires hospitalization, antibiotics and a low-fiber diet can sometimes treat mild cases, explains Mayo Clinic. A low-fiber diet helps the digestive system rest after experiencing the damaging effects of diverticulitis. The doctor generally starts the diverticulitis diet with clear liquids for a few days. As the patient begins to improve and feel better, he can slowly add low-fiber foods to the diet. Some low-fiber foods include canned or cooked fruits, vegetables without skin or seeds, low-fiber cereals, fruit juice with low or no pulp, milk, and eggs.

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